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Washington's Drive School understands the importance of independence and freedom that comes with driving, especially for older drivers. We recognize the years of experience and knowledge that they have gained over the years, and we want to ensure that they continue to safely enjoy the privilege of driving.


Our goal is not to restrict or take away anyone's license, but to provide support and guidance to help them stay safe on the roads. We offer authentication of driving competencies to help older drivers ensure they are driving at a safe level and, if needed, confidentially warn them of any potential safety concerns that could affect their ability to drive.


We understand that driving is not only a privilege but also a responsibility. That's why we encourage all drivers to be cautious, responsible, and compliant with the law. We believe that the safest drivers are those who understand and take seriously the responsibilities that come with being on the road.


We also acknowledge that older drivers tend to drive shorter distances and limit their driving to safe situations, which is why they are less likely to cause accidents.


At Washington's Drive School, our priority is ensuring that all drivers are safe on the roads. We provide support and guidance for older drivers, so they can continue to enjoy the freedom and independence of driving while being responsible and safe.


If you are asked by VicRoads to undergo a review driving test or an Occupational Therapy Driver Assessment, call us to discuss your situation. Our driving instructors are specially trained to assist you through every step of the process including attending the drive test assessment with the specific VicRoads tester or Occupational therapist drive assessor. We can also support and recommend an occupational therapist accredited in driving evaluation if required.

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